In this world of 'cyber' / virtual everything,

We think it's great to meet you in person!

Online applications are not the best way to meet the real you.  And since we interact with our amazing customers, everyday, 

face-to-face  it's only logical that we meet potential future employees the same way! 

So.... if you really are interested then stop on by and say 'hello'.  

Pick up an application in our store! 

Meet us and our customers (they're practically family!)

see what Oasis  is all about.

Food service experience would be great!  But a 'foodie' with an adventurous spirit and a willingness to learn every detail would do too!

P.S.  We are currently looking for a few special people who would like to continue working with us AFTER the summer is over. 

Interested? ?  Give us a shout!  

 How To Apply:

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